AMW Precision, LLCĀ is a USA based, privately owned manufacturer of precision metal parts and components. The company was founded in 1998 and has experienced steady growth throughout its history.


When AMW Precision began operations in 1998 it set out to pursue a strategy to expand its production capabilities, product lines and markets. Since this technology driven approach was initiated, the company has grown at a rate of approximately 25% per year. In order to maintain and further increase growth, AMW Precision has committed its research and production resources to further expand its capabilities and product lines. This strategy has enabled the company to position itself among the larger manufacturers of metal products.


In order to achieve sustainable growth and market share, continuous innovation is a top priority at AMW Precision. New products that result from new production capabilities always play a significant role in our continued success. Our engineers constantly research new machinery and applications for the wide range of technologies that can improve production quality, efficiency and lower costs.


All work performed at AMW Precision has a detailed engineering plan generated before it goes to the production floor. Each step of the development cycle is categorized into phases, such as procurement, receipt inspection, design, manufacturing and inspection of tools or fixtures necessary to accomplish the requirements of the specifications, cutting, forming, assembling, welding, stress relieving, blasting, painting, machining, assembly, inspection, protection, packaging and transportation.


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