About us



AMW Precision, LLC is a world class fully integrated precision electrical engineering, design engineering, sheet metal machining and assembly company. We are located in a 56,000 square foot facility utilizing state of the art technology and processes. Our highly skilled and experienced engineering design, manufacturing and assembly staff provide a wide range of technical services that are dedicated to producing high quality products along with exceptional customer service and on time delivery.

Our Customers

As a result of this transformation AMW has been able to change the business from one that was dependent on the continuation of a sporadic flow of purchase orders from customers, which are subject to short term business environment fluctuations, to a revenue and business model based on long term Exclusive Manufacturing Agreements.

To date one of these agreements is signed with an additional two to be finalized and signed in the next 30 days. These agreements include annual minimums, agreed pricing, quarterly product demand planning requirements from our customers as well as payment terms designed to minimize the use of AMW capital over time.

These agreements are with two privately held companies, DiTronics and M3T, and the third is with a large publicly traded company which for now will be referred to as PubCo. PubCo is in the process of advising internal staff of the changes and will be making the requisite 8K filing and announcement in due course.

Once these agreements are executed AMW will be the exclusive manufacturer of the kiosks for companies with a combined market share of over 70% of the payments kiosk business in the casino industry.